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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just want to tell u this..(i'm sorry k)

Everyday i always thinking about u... i can't sleep because of u dear... Btw,, u is my good ensem best boyfie ... u so nice and take care of me... I appreciate that.. I never made any confession i hate u... u said u would not leave me. Promise me that u will not leave me ..Can u imagine how sad me when u leave me?? seriously, I LOVE U SO MUCH. I can't live without u dear... I just don't know how to explain my love to u biey.. I want u to know how much I LOVE U.. Really..Really..Really... LOVE U.. i'm sorry about what i've done to u.. Forgive me k..
I knew I was already much offended u. I was rude to u. I do not respect u. I am not worthy to be with u right? if u feel unhepy with me, u can go. I am willing, if it is make u hepy. But preferably, pleze do not leave me. Before I forget, I thank yor mom who gave me encouragement. I love her..One more should be u know, I really miss u, dear. 

I do this for u, Farizal.. For u alone. Not for others. Only u, biey..

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