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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just want to tell u this..(i'm sorry k)

Everyday i always thinking about u... i can't sleep because of u dear... Btw,, u is my good ensem best boyfie ... u so nice and take care of me... I appreciate that.. I never made any confession i hate u... u said u would not leave me. Promise me that u will not leave me ..Can u imagine how sad me when u leave me?? seriously, I LOVE U SO MUCH. I can't live without u dear... I just don't know how to explain my love to u biey.. I want u to know how much I LOVE U.. Really..Really..Really... LOVE U.. i'm sorry about what i've done to u.. Forgive me k..
I knew I was already much offended u. I was rude to u. I do not respect u. I am not worthy to be with u right? if u feel unhepy with me, u can go. I am willing, if it is make u hepy. But preferably, pleze do not leave me. Before I forget, I thank yor mom who gave me encouragement. I love her..One more should be u know, I really miss u, dear. 

I do this for u, Farizal.. For u alone. Not for others. Only u, biey..

Friday, December 3, 2010


asal lawr sume muke nsem2..haha.. uniform checking

i'm so tired.. my knee was hurt.. not enough sleep n two nite of scary..!! hahaha...

Raye 2009

Raye taon niey (2010) ta bapew best cam taon 2009..dlu hepy sngat wlaupon my pic ta bpew bnyk... coz me yg slalu pgg kamere tuh.. mne boleyh lps an....hahaha....N taon lpas gak lawr duet rye pling bnyak.. haha... Gamba yg at atas ur sume gmba rye 2009 time kat kmpong.....Hrap next year best cam taon 2009...